Bronze Tier School Certification

Bronze Tier certification is the first step in a school's FRS-NJ journey. FRS-NJ school teams, supported by their district teams, self-assess where they are in the indicators and submit this self-assessment for review and feedback from the Awards Committee. Bronze Tier certification is awarded for 3 years, unless superseded by a Silver Tier certification.

Bronze Level Certification Requirements 

Step 1: Identify the indicators that schools can strive to achieve success in and submit for credit towards certification. Each FRS-NJ theme has identified a minimum number of points that should be successfully achieved to be considered for FRS-NJ Certification by the Awards Committee. Use the Certification Tracking Sheet to track your progress in each theme and indicator. The tracking sheet will be used for school certification submission as well.
Step 2: Prepare a School Narrative
  1. In each of the three themes, what are your school's major strengths and growth areas for best preparing your students for success in college, career, and citizenship in the digital age?

  2. How does the evidence provided by this school show that its leadership (school and district levels included) is collaborative and inclusive of all educational stakeholders (leadership, administrative, teachers, support staff, parents, and community)?*

  3. How does the evidence provided by this school show that it is effectively and strategically integrating technology throughout the school's teaching and learning instructional practices while providing 24/7 access that supports individual and collaborative learning for its students and educators?*

  4. How does the evidence provided by this school show that its technology infrastructure and support enables educators to successfully prepare students for the future?*

  5. How does what you have achieved and submitted thus far in your journey demonstrate that your school has a built a solid foundation for establishing a culture of digital innovation, where educators are empowered to deepen and extend student learning through the use of technology, digital content, and media. Provide at least two pieces of evidence via hyperlinks in your narrative submission

* Provide at least two pieces of evidence via hyperlinks in your narrative submission

Step 3: Ensure that your indicator submissions meet the following requirements:
1. You are submitting at least 160 points in total
2. You are submitting at least 45 points in the Leadership theme
3. You are submitting at least 45 points in the Education and Classroom Practice theme
4. You are submitting at least 45 points in the Technology Support and Services theme
5. You are submitting all Priority 1 indicators at an "Achieving" level or higher
6. That the indicator tracking sheet is in the proper format, meaning:
  • All evidence links are set to anyone with the link can view, including links to the School Narrative

  • The tracking sheets are not re-formatted by adding columns, rows, or additional sections not provided in the template

  • The tracking sheet is the document provided and owned by FRS-NJ directly and isn't a copy or outdated document

Step 4: Submit evidence and other submission requirements to the FRS-NJ team for review and feedback.
Information regarding the next certification cycle will be announced in January.

Certification Documents and Tools

Indicator Tracking Sheet

The 2020 Indicator Tracking Sheet will be available in late January

Certification Submission

The 2020 Certification Timeline will be announced in late January

Awards Committee

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