The Certifications Phase

Phase III - Certification: Once a school has completed Phase II - School Participation, the next step is to work towards certification.
The School Certification Phase is the most important phase as the school work to complete and document progress on the FRS-NJ indicators. Indicators are organized so that schools of various sizes and resource capacities can be successful. Schools implement their plan and prepare evidence for submission for each indicator being pursued. Evidence is in the form of theme-based narratives and examples of activities declared for each indicator. This design ensures program fidelity and provides schools with an effective process and guide.
Schools intending to apply for certification request a Certification Tracking Sheet to document their accomplishments. The tracking sheet and supporting documentation is submitted and reviewed by the FRS-NJ Awards Committee. 
Information regarding the next certification cycle will be announced in January.

The FRS-NJ Certification Process

Tier 1

Bronze Tier School Certification

Bronze Tier certification is the first step in a school's FRS-NJ journey. School FRS-NJ teams, supported by their district teams, self-assess their progress on the indicators and submit this self-assessment for review and feedback from the Awards Committee.

Tier 2

Silver Tier School Certification

Silver Tier Certification builds off of a school's Bronze Tier experience by empowering schools, and their districts, to take what they learned from their Tier 1 experience to figure out where they want to be and how they want to get there.

Tier 2+

Silver District Distinction

The Silver District Distinction Tier recognizes districts in which all schools have achieved Silver Tier certification and that have demonstrated outstanding community leadership and service to advancing the goals of the FRS-NJ certification program.