The Certifications Phase

Phase III - Certifications: Once a school has completed Phase II - School Participation, the next step is to submit for certification.
The School Certification Phase is the most important phase, and enables individual schools to apply for certification by taking actions that lead to success through the Future Ready Schools – New Jersey Indicators of Future Readiness. As the indicators are updated each year by the FRS-NJ task forces, this is the only phase that is not rolling, and has a deadline for submission. Schools review the current year’s indicators and develop an action plan for certification based on the mandatory actions of the process, and the goals of the school, and based on the realities of the school.
Indicators are organized so that schools in varying situations can work towards Future Readiness without being excluded due to size or organization. Schools implement this plan and prepare evidence for submission towards each chosen indicator. Evidence is in the form of theme-based narratives and examples of activities declared for each indicator. This design ensures accuracy in certification, provides schools with an effective guide and process, and avoids certification being more of a burden than a support.
The submitted application, due on June 30 of each year, is reviewed by the FRS-NJ Awards Committee, which provides feedback and identifies example submissions, to be included in the following year’s indicators. In this way, the success of certified schools informs and inspires participants who come after.
The timeline of certification milestones is as follows:
February 28th, 2019
The 2019 Certification Cycle opens on Digital Learning Day, schools and districts can officially submit for 2019 certifications and distinctions
June 30th
The 2019 Certification Cycle closes, all 2019 submissions are due by the end of the day
September 15th
Schools and districts are notified of their certification and distinction status
October 22nd
The 2019 Awards Ceremony is held at NJSBA's Workshop 2019, exact date and time is subject to change
This phase is broken out into several tiers of school, and then district, certification. Learn more about this process below!

The FRS-NJ Certification Process

Tier 1

Bronze Tier School Certification

Bronze Tier certification is the first step in a school's Future Ready Journey. School Future Ready teams, supported by their district teams, self-assess where they are in the indicators and submit this self-assessment for review and feedback from the Awards Committee.

Tier 2

Silver Tier School Certification

Silver Tier Certification builds off of a school's Bronze Tier experience by empowering schools, and their districts, to take what they learned from their Tier 1 experience to figure out where they want to be and how they want to get there.

Tier 2+

Silver District Distinction

As the FRS-NJ team continues to develop the Gold District Certification (see below), we are providing the opportunity for those districts that would be eligible for that certification to continue their Future Ready journey via the Silver District Distinction. Once Tier 3 is launched, this distinction will fold into and be replaced by Gold certification.

Tier 3

Gold Tier District Certification

Gold Tier District Certification, once released, will be the highest level of certification developed for the FRS-NJ process. Those districts that achieve Silver District Distinction (see above) will be well on their way to achieving Tier 3 certification. Stay tuned!

2018 Certified Schools