What do Task Forces Do?


The FRS-NJ Task Forces are convened to share the expertise of education, technology, leadership, and other experts and stakeholders involved in K-12 education in New Jersey. The mission of each task force was to transform New Jersey's schools by using their collective expertise to accomplish the following missions:

  • To develop New Jersey specific indicators 

  • To determine how the indicators would be integrated into a school certification program

  • To propose what existing self-assessment tools may best assess the readiness of a school 

  • To propose the 'weight' of points that should be given for the successful execution of each proposed action, as well as if certain actions have pre-requisite actions that will 'unlock' them

  • To identify what evidence should be submitted by schools to support their claims of taking a proposed action that is verifiable by FRS-NJ.

Please email info@frsnj.org if you are interested in joining a task force.

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