Introducing the 2019

Indicators of Future Readiness

The Future Ready Schools - New Jersey Indicators of Future Readiness have been developed over the last three years by several hundred New Jersey educators, leaders, and stakeholders from throughout the state who have dedicated their time, experience, and expertise to the FRS-NJ Task Forces. These indicators are based off of the gears of the national Future Ready Framework, which have been organized into the three FRS-NJ themes of Leadership, Education and Classroom Practice, and Technology Support and Services.

For the 2019 update, the new cohort of chairs and co-chairs from across the New Jersey educational community came together to revise and update the indicators for the 2019 Certification Cycle. In addition to minor updates to the content since 2018, there has been a slight reformatting of the indicators to make them more user friendly, as well as the addition of Certified School Exemplars submitted by schools that achieved the highest level of success in individual indicators and submitted them to us for inclusion.

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Education and Classroom Practice


Technology Support and Services