The School Participation Phase

Once a district has been officially confirmed as a Committed District, its schools can declare their participation in the program. The School Participation Phase features the establishment of the School-Level FRS-NJ team and the official declaration of a school’s participation in the certification program. In this phase, the school establishes its own School-Level FRS-NJ Team, which coordinates efforts to achieve certification, with the support of the district-level team. The school’s FRS-NJ team should be inclusive and collaborative and consist of the principal, a librarian/media specialist (if one exists at the building level), and representatives of each academic and supporting department in the school. When appropriate, it is also recommended that this team have a student representative. The school declares its participation by signing a school participation letter and submitting it to the FRS-NJ. School participation can be declared at any time on a rolling basis.
Step I: Establish a School-Level FRS-NJ Team to begin school-wide collaboration efforts to plan and implement FRS-NJ initiatives and ensure that the entire school's needs are represented and supported. The lead chair of the school-level team will also be a member of the district-level team to ensure that the district's efforts are collaborative and that the school's efforts are best supported by the district. School-level teams must include at least one of each of the following members:
  • The principal
  • A librarian/media specialist
  • A student representative (recommended and not mandatory, but preferable for older grade levels)
  • A representative of each academic and administrative department
  • and educators who are dedicated to the success of your school's FRS-NJ initiatives
Step II: Sign the School Participation Letter to declare your school's commitment to being FRS-NJ certified!
Step III: Submit the School Participation Letter via the School Participation Submission Form.
Information regarding the next application cycle will be announced in January.