The School Participation Phase

Once a district has been officially confirmed as a Committed District, its schools can declare their participation in the program. The School Participation Phase features establishment of the school-level Future Ready team, and official declaration of a school’s participation in the certification program. In this phase, the school establishes its own School-Level Future Ready Team, which acts as the front-line team towards certification, with collaborative and integral support of the district-level team. The school’s Future Ready team should be inclusive and collaborative, and should consist of the principal, a librarian/media specialist (if one exists at the building level), and representatives of each academic and supporting department in the school. When appropriate, it is also recommended that this team have a student representative, but with younger grades it is understood this is not feasible or helpful in the certification process. The school declares its participation by signing a school participation letter and submitting it to the FRS-NJ team. School participation can be declared at any time on a rolling basis.
Step I: Establish a School-Level Future Ready Team to begin school-wide collaboration efforts to plan and implement Future Ready initiatives and ensure that your entire school's needs are represented and supported. The lead chair of the school-level team will also be a member of the district-level team to ensure that the district's efforts are collaborative and that the school's efforts are best supported by the district. School-level teams must include at least one of each of the following members:
  • The principal
  • A librarian/media specialist
  • A student representative (recommended and not mandatory, but preferable for older grade levels)
  • A representative of each academic and administrative department
  • and educators who are dedicated to the success of your school's Future Ready initiatives
Step II: Sign the School Participation Letter to declare your school's commitment to being certified as Future Ready! 
Step III: Submit the School Participation Letter with the School Participation Submission form.
** FRS-NJ is transitioning to a new program administrator and the website is in the process of being updates. At this time, we are unable to accept School Participation Submission Forms. We expect to resume accepting these forms by November 8. 
Major changes in the indicators are not anticipated for the 2020 Future Ready Schools program year. Information regarding the 2020 application cycle will be announced in the near future.

Which Schools Are Participating?